Time and space to dream

Bask in your precious me-time surrounded by the mountains of South Tyrol, and let your near-forgotten dreams drift back into focus. The spa area at the Vigilerhof was created with these moments of muse and inspiration in mind. With their heat, steam and infinite peace, our biosauna, Turkish steam bath and Finnish sauna provide the perfect healing atmosphere to simply wind down. Relax in the Jacuzzi, in the peace room or on the sun-kissed sunbathing lawn. And when you’re done, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the swimming pool and come up for air to the beauty of the surrounding woods. Here, where time dances to its own rhythm, your yearnings will find their voice once more. An experience to treasure.

That feel-good feeling

Holidaymakers love their moments spent in the mountain-spring water of our open-air pool with its view of the woods. Jacuzzis, aroma showers and Kneipp basins are also at your disposal for fun times in the water.

Deep Penetrating Body Care

The quality of the massage and beauty offer at the Vigilerhof is exceptionally high. Traditional healing methods passed down over the generations are blended with modern technology to create a unique recipe for more vitality and energy.



Classic full-body massage 50min 53,- €
Intense full-body massage 75min 75,- €
Intense back massage 50min 53,- €
Partial-body massage Legs - feet or back - neck 25min 35,- €
2 in 1: Foot and partial-body massage 50min 53,- €
Relaxing aroma oil massage
A combination of essential oils and a relaxing massage
50min 55,- €

REHS Sarntal Valley Mountain Pine Massage. The Sarntal Valley mountain pine, known locally as “Bergsegen",
or “mountain blessing” is the oldest medicinal plant in the Sarntal Valley. The soft, velvety oil stimulates
blood flow to the skin, and the result is a healthy skin and radiant beauty.

50 min 58,- €
Honey Massage
This deep-cleansing massage is also particularly effective in relieving tissue and joint stress.
It is excellent for tension, chronic tiredness, migraines and is a wonderful cleansing, nourishing
treatment for the back.
50 min 53,- €
Sports Massage
An intensive massage to loosen muscles before or after sport. The relaxing effect works deep into the muscles.
50 min 63,- €

Special Massages


Joint Release Massage
Joints are stretched and moved in all directions, and a gentle pressure is applied to free the joints of tension
and boost your energy flow. Please come for your massage wearing light, comfortable clothing. 
50 min 53,- €
Points & Position Massage
The Points & Position massage provides a deep release for body, spirit and soul. Gentle pressure is applied
to certain trigger points in the body to stimulate the body’s natural energy and set self-healing powers in
motion. Please come for your massage wearing light, comfortable clothing.
50 min 53,- €
Deep-tissue massage
The therapist uses a small quantity of oil and slow, firm strokes to massage the affected area of the body
in a treatment which penetrates through the deeper layers of muscle tissue. The tissue is loosened,
blood flow is improved and oxygen supply is increased. This treatment also stimulates the elimination
of waste and strengthens the connective tissue.
50 min 53,- €


A body exfoliation followed by the application of a body lotion.
Dead skin cells will be gently removed, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Coffee Exfoliation 25 min 30,- €
Aloe Vera Exfoliation 25 min 30,- €
Exfoliation + partial massage 50 min 55,- €
Exfoliation + full-body massage 75 min 75,- €