The tastes of South Tyrol

Cuisine reflects the identity of a country. At the Vigilerhof, our guests can look forward to fascinating encounters with the culinary arts of the area. Influenced by its unique setting between the Alps and the sea, the Alpine-Mediterranean fusion of our regional cuisine, and the recipes at the Vigilerhof, mirror the land itself. Farm recipes handed down over the generations intermingle with sophisticated specialities from the Italian culinary repertoire. Products sourced from the local area and seasonal ingredients feature strongly on the menu, including asparagus, apples, chestnuts, hand-picked berries from the farm garden, to name but a few. Countless treasures of the soil ripen here in the gourmet lands of South Tyrol, including some outstanding wines, a select array of which are stored in the Vigilerhof treasure vault.

Luxury half-board

During your stay here, we will indulge you with every trick in the culinary book. In the mornings, you will wake up to an enormous buffet with healthy products from the region, crispy bread rolls, fresh butter and a variety of cold cuts. At lunchtime, you can take the edge off your hunger with a light buffet lunch, while in the evening, our kitchen team’s culinary creations make their grand entrance. The four-course set menu will lead you on a culinary journey of discovery through our lands and beyond.

Homemade Schlutzkrapfen pasta

A classic from the regional repertoire, and one which the gourmets rave about. Easy to cook, and a healthy treat.

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