Where essence takes shape

The hosts’ deep attachment to their homeland, and their close ties to the region have shaped the atmosphere here. So much wood lines the walls here, creating the heart and the essence of the Vigilerhof, today as it did on the farm in the past. The untreated wood emanates its welcoming warmth and the perfumed resin of the mountain forests throughout the hotel. Being rooted, feeling secure; a stirring sensation, felt with every breath you take. The whole ambience here is infused with this atmosphere of well-being; the natural light, the open views over the Alpine mountains through the large windows of the hotel.

Precious materials

The atmosphere in the Vigilerhof is a stylish blend of classic elegance accentuated by select designer pieces. The high-quality wood, glass and stone embody timeless value and create a harmonious, relaxing atmosphere for guests to relax and recharge their batteries.

Coffee break with a view

The view over the band of mountain peaks on the horizon, the sun on your neck, the call of the mountains in your ears; and all you need to do is step out the door. The large terrace with its welcoming lounge corner invites you to enjoy a coffee break with a view over the Dolomites.